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As part of the Kent Catholic School Partnership (KCSP) this page gives you further information about a Catholic Education at More Park Catholic Primary School.

RE Newsletter Term 1 2018 - 2019


Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school for our new academic year. Below you will find information about what your children will be learning about in their Religious Education this half term, as well as dates for our week of learning all about the religion of Islam.


Dates from the Church’s and the School’s calendar:

8th September Our Lady’s Birthday 4th October St Francis of Assisi

14th September Start of the School Year – Mass in School – 9:30

14th September Exaltation of the Holy Cross 7th October Our Lady of the Rosary

15th September Our Lady of Sorrows 10th October St Paulinus of York

  1. st September St Matthew (Apostle) 12th October St Wilfrid (diocesan patron) 27th September St Vincent de Paul 13th October St Edward the Confessor

28th September Harvest – Mass in School – 9:30

29th September Ss Michael, Gabriel & Raphael 17th October St Ignatius

30th September St Jerome 18th October St Luke, Evangelist

2nd October Guardian Angels


Nursery and Reception –God’s World

“Creation is the first and universal revelation of God’s love”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory


This half term, the children in the Nursery and the Reception classes will be learning about God’s world. Throughout this topic, the children will begin to appreciate the beauty of the world and know that God made it.

They will learn that God loves and cares for each one of us and reflect on this. They will hear about and respond to the things God created for us.


They will know that God has asked us to care for the world and think of ways in which we can

help to do it.

At home

You could help your children by:

looking at pictures of animals and plants and talking about how special creation is

encourage them to notice different parts of God’s wonderful creation and think of ways to care for the world.

Year 1 – God’s Great Plan


“As the first action of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, creation is the first step towards the covenant relationship God seeks with every human being”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory


The children will learn about the beauty of God’s world and explore and respond to the wonders of creation e.g. the seasons. They will also hear about the story of Creation from

Genesis and talk about its meaning.


They will be reflecting on the knowledge that God made us because he loves us and develop

their understanding that we show God we love him by looking after the world and each

other. They will learn that we can spoil God’s creation and that we have a responsibility to look after it, as well as hearing an appropriate part of the story of Noah and the Flood and its message of salvation and hope.


At home

You could help your children by:

talking about how we can look after the world, e.g. recycling, not dropping litter, conserving energy and how we can care for plants and animals look at the trees during the autumn season and talk about the different colours. You could collect leaves to make a collage or painting.


Year 2 – The Chosen People

“In order to gather together scattered humanity God calls Abram … and makes him Abraham, that is, ‘the father of a multitude of nations.’ … God formed Israel as his people by freeing them from slavery in Egypt … he gave them his law so that they would recognise him and serve him as the one living and true God, the provident Father and just judge, and so that they would look for the promised Saviour.”


Catechism of the Catholic Church


The children will learn that we are chosen by God and learn that God chose certain people to

lead and guide his people. They will learn that God called Abraham and that God chose Moses to be a great leader. They will also learn about how Samuel responded to God’s call and find out about the story of Daniel in the lions’ den.


They will have an opportunity to reflect on Abraham’s trust in God and learn that we should always trust God.

They will learn that God chooses unexpected people and will be given the opportunity to reflect on their own response to God’s call.

Year 3 – The Christian Family

“The Church is the family of God, the people that God gathers in the whole world.”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory


 The children will have a chance to:• reflect on what it means to be part of a family• reflect on what it means to be part of the Christian family		At homeYou could help your children by:• sharing your experiences about their Baptism. Look at any gifts or photographs that they received on their special day.• discuss what it means to be part of God’s family• go online to and complete the interactive activities








The children will develop their understanding that the Church is the family of God and know that we join this family when we receive the Sacrament of Baptism. They will learn what happens at Baptism and learn about the signs used and why they are used. They will learn about the promises made by parents and godparents at Baptism and develop their understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism.


Year 4 – The Bible



“The Scriptures are the living Word of God, written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit received and faithfully handed on within the living Tradition and teaching of the Church.”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory

The children will learn that the Bible is a story of God’s love and concern for us. They will learn that the Bible is a living book through which God speaks to us and tells us about himself. They will learn that the Bible is one story told through many different books and they will learn about Moses, David and Jonah as well as learning how to find a Bible reference.


The children will have the chance to:

explore how the Bible helps us to pray and experience how God speaks to us in the Bible

participate in a liturgy and experience a guided meditation on a text from the Bible


At home

You could help your children by:

reading some of the stories the children have covered in class

go online to and complete the interactive activities.



Year 5 – Gifts from God

“Each human person is unique and made in God’s image and likeness”

Religious Education Curriculum Directory


The children will learn the story of Creation and the Fall in the Book of Genesis. They will learn that we are all created in the image and likeness of God and know that God calls us to care for others and all creation with love and respect. They will learn that there are times when we fail to be good stewards of creation. They will also learn that there are people who show great respect for creation and for the weakest members of society.


The children will have the chance to:

appreciate how we can show respect for ourselves, for others and for God.

reflect on times we have failed to show respect and reflect on the gifts and talents God has given each of us.

reflect on the use and misuse we can make of these gifts.


At home

You could help your children by:

talking to the children about how they could care for creation and the environment

visit and complete activities.



Year 6 – The Kingdom of God

“The Kingdom belongs to the poor and lowly, which means those who have accepted it with a humble heart”

Catechism of the Catholic Church

The children will learn about the beginning of Jesus’ public life and that he was tempted by the devil. They will know about the conditions for following Jesus and know that Jesus performs mighty works, wonders and signs.

They will learn that through his parables Jesus invites people into the Kingdom of God. They will develop an understanding that deeds, and not just words, are required by Jesus, through the example of the Parable of the two sons.

  1. The children will learn why Jesus chose to eat with sinners, learn that we must make use of our talents to gain the Kingdom and develop an understanding that God has boundless love and mercy.

The children will have the chance to: At home:

reflect on our invitation to the Kingdom of God You could help your children by:

be aware that we have to do good to enter the Kingdom visiting

deepen our awareness of how we use the talents God has given to us site/KS2link.htm

be aware that through the Sacrament of Reconciliation talking to them about their talents









“Working Together, Striving for Excellence”

Please join us on Tuesday 11th September 9.30am for our welcome mass in the school hall.
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