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Reading Skills
Everyone who visits our school gets an impression of how important reading is here! Reading is the gateway to all learning.
The children enjoy daily Reading Skills lessons, during which they engage in all sorts of book-related activities from sharing a picture book or listening to a story through headphones; to reading a book at their reading level on BugClub (which they can also access from home); improving their comprehension through the recently-acquired Box Card scheme; or sharing a book with their teacher or teaching assistant in a small group.
The school now has a library, and we are investing in new books and furniture, so it’s getting better and brighter all the time. All the classes have a weekly library slot, and can use the library whenever there is a librarian present.
The children regularly add to an ongoing ‘Wish List’ in the library, and we will be spending some of our budget on these children’s choices. On top of this, we are creating inviting book corners in the children’s classrooms.
We celebrate books with our special book weeks, when we invite authors into school to work with the children, and have ‘book-centred’ activities running. 

“Working Together, Striving for Excellence”

Welcome to 'Book Week' in school! Remember we have a visiting Author this week. Also a Book Fair on Monday to Thursday and our Book Swap for BookAid on Friday! Enjoy dress up day on Thursday!
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