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New term letter

Dear Parents


I hope you have all had a lovely, relaxing Summer with your families. The staff have spent the Summer preparing for the children’s return and are looking forward to welcoming them back.  Although COVID guidelines are a little more relaxed there are some things which we shall be continuing this academic year:


Class Bubbles 


I am pleased to say that class bubbles will no longer exist and children will have the opportunity to mix at break and lunchtimes.  Year Five will have the opportunity to be buddies for Reception Class this year and Year Six will be able to volunteer to be Prefects, House Captains and Subject Ambassadors, as well as being able to present whole class worship, to other classes, using Wednesday Word.  I am also looking forward to having the whole school in the hall together for assemblies again.


Drop Off and Pick Up


The staggered drop off and pick ups had a positive impact on the car parking and traffic situation last year and therefore we shall continue to use them, although with a slight change in timings:










Playground gate (main double gate for pickup) – Classroom Door





Playground gate (single gate for pickup) – Purple Gate





Classroom door





Field gate





Field gate










Playground gate



If you have multiple drop off/pick up times, then we would ask you to wait away from the three entrances until your time.    If you have children being dropped off and picked up at the same time we would recommend that the older child is dropped off first, but the younger child is collected first.  Break and lunchtimes will be staggered, but the children will be able to mix.


Book Bags and Reading Books


Once again, large bags will not be needed or allowed into school.  Children in KS2 will be issued with a new clear plastic zip wallet to bring their reading books to and from school in.  Their zip wallet will be kept in their trays whilst they are at school and taken home at the end of the day. Children in KS1 will be expected to use their book bags which can be brought in daily, allowing them to bring their own work of arts home as well as reading books, reading records, spelling/phonics books and spare underwear where necessary. 


Children will be provided with all items of stationary that they need and therefore personal pencil cases, pencils, pens will not be allowed in school.


Water Bottles


All children, including Reception and Key Stage One, will need to bring in their own, clearly labelled, water bottle.  These must be filled with fresh water before coming to school.  Children will be able to refill these during the day if need be.


Snacks and School Dinner


Children in Year R, 1 and 2 will be provided with a free hot school meal, through the Universal Free School Meals scheme.  Meals can be selected at home through Parentpay or your child can make their own choice each morning in class.  Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are able to pay for their school dinner through Parentpay.  Again, their meal selection can either be made at home or in school.  


Parents choosing for their child to have a packed lunch will need to ensure that it is a clearly labelled, healthy, packed lunch including a drink to have with their lunch.  Please remember, due to several allergies in the school, we are a No Nuts school.  


KS2 may also bring a piece of fruit for break time.  No other snack will be allowed.  Reception, Year One and Year Two will continue to have their fruit provided.  Milk is still an option if you wish to subscribe to this using this link:


PE Kits


PE Kits need to come into school at the beginning of term in your child’s PE kit bag.  These can be purchased from Pages Schoolwear  


PE Kits will remain in school until the end of term. 


Only Key Stage Two children will need a navy blue or black tracksuit for the colder weather.  Key Stage Two are also allowed to wear trainers instead of plimsolls.  If they do opt for trainers, the trainers will need to stay in school, along with their PE kit and not just be brought in for PE lessons. 


All PE kits, including footwear, should be clearly labelled.




Outdoor Shoes


We shall continue to use the school field as much as possible throughout the year.  Therefore, your child will need a waterproof pair of trainers, wellies or walking boots in school, which they can change into at break and lunchtime.  You may also like to supply them with a pair of waterproof trousers, to wear over their uniform, to avoid getting dirty.  Again these shoes and trousers will remain in school all term and must be fully labelled.


Office Queries/Meetings with Staff


We shall continue to minimise the number of parents and visitors we have to the office.  If you need to discuss something with the office or a member of staff, you will need to, in the first instance, email or phone in.  Appointments can then be made as necessary, to ensure everyone’s safety.  Asthma pumps and medication can be handed in at the office who will ensure, where necessary, they are kept safe by the class teacher.  Medical forms will still needed to be completed via contact with the office.




Even though things have relaxed, travel to foreign countries still has guidelines to follow, depending on where you have travelled.  I already know some families will still need to isolate.  If you have been on holiday to a country where you now have to isolate, or if you as a parent need to isolate, but your child does not, please let me know as soon as possible so alternative arrangements for your child’s education can be made.


If your child is suffering with any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not send them to school and instead let us know and follow the current Government guidelines.  A quick reference guide to parents can be found on our school website:


If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards




Deborah Seal                                                                                     

Academy Principal                                                                             





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