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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.
Sports Funding 2017-2018

PE and Sport Improvement Strategy 2017/18

Amount (£)


Projected Impact

To provide opportunities for all children to participate in sporting activities


Midday supervisor training to support lunch time activities

Whole school involvement in sporting activities at the lunch break.

To provide opportunities for children to play a leadership role in sport


Create play leaders. Training children in upper KS2 to support sporting activities.

Children taking ownership of play and sport

Continuing professional development


Places available for teaching/non- teaching staff to attend PE courses throughout the year.

Sharing good practice and enhancing PE provision.

Increase participation in inter- school tournaments


9 tournaments available for children in both KS2 and KS1 to participate in


More children to take part in competitions

Improve extracurricular provision across the school


Breakfast sports clubs

Opportunity for children to engage in physical activity before school who may be unable to attend after school clubs.

Participate in County wide athletics tournament


16 academy schools take part in an inter school athletics tournament

Children have the opportunity to compete against a range of schools in an athletics stadium.

Enhance teachers’ ability to deliver high quality PE lessons


Curriculum support from a specialist

Better standards of PE.

Enhance the PE curriculum


PASS schemes of work and lesson plans[SM1]

Improved delivery of lessons, enhanced curriculum coverage.

To use the school grounds and wider outdoor environment to further develop language, literacy and numeracy skills


INSET & follow up work on using the outdoors to raise standards in literacy and numeracy

Purchase equipment for the Forest School.

Greater use is made of the natural environment to improve maths, language & communication skills.

Improve KS1 cycling skills


Learn to cycle programme using balance bikes

Greater numbers of Y1 pupils are able to ride a bike.

To increase the opportunities for children to play outdoor games


Purchase resources and equipment so the school field can be used throughout the year at lunchtimes

Children able to access the field all year round

To broaden the range of sports on offer


Purchasing equipment to offer access to new sports including outdoor table tennis equipment

Children are playing a wider range of sports at lunchtimes.

To encourage more children to take up swimming


Swimming lessons for Yrs 5 & Yr 6

More children are able to swim 25 metres+

To increase children’s physical activity rates


Bikeability lessons for Yr 6

More children are able to ride a bike safely

Total Expenditure





Sports Funding 2016 - 2017 - updated July 2017

Area of Focus


Action Plan


Effective use of Funding/sustainability


Extend range of sports offered in PE lessons

Lesson observations

Learn new sports at secondary schools/outside providers

Take part in competitions


Sporting provision enhanced

Professional development for teachers-increased skill set

Pupils have access wider range of sports


Teachers able to deliver wider range of sports

Develop teacher & support staff skills enabling them to deliver high quality lessons

Lesson observations

Audit of skills

Staff trained by sports specialist during P.E lessons


INSET for teachers & support staff on orienteering


Improved teaching and learning over time

Higher quality lessons delivered by all staff


Improved pupil performance in all areas of PE

Extend range of before and after schools sports offered to pupils

Increased number of before and after school

Engage with providers and set up clubs

Increase number and range of lunchtime & after school clubs


Greater involvement with sport

Greater number of pupils taking part in extra -curricular sport


Increase participation in competitive sports

Children taking part in inter-school competitions

Enter teams into competitions


Using and applying skills in competitive environment

Chance to compete against their peers-improved performance

Sports equipment


Purchase Sports Equipment for PE and After School Clubs


Sporting provision enhanced

Pupils have access to better equipment

Enhance sport at lunchtimes



Purchase playtime equipment

£ 500

Children can practise skills learnt in lessons

Greater access to sporting provision

Outdoor and adventurous


Ch. to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities


Wider involvement in sport

Skills can be applied to a wide of sports

Impact of spending 2016/17

Pupils have improved hand eye co-ordination.

Passing, shooting, throwing & catching skills improved

Higher quality lessons delivered by all staff

Improved pupil performance in all areas of PE

Children develop team work and leadership skills

Broader range of sporting activities offered

More pupils have access to sporting activities in school

Greater access to sporting provision

More children able to swim 25 metres

“Working Together, Striving for Excellence”

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