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More Park

Catholic Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mr Niall Fox BA (Hons) PGCE – Headteacher
Teaching Staff
Mrs Deborah Seal – Acting Deputy head /Head of FS and KS1 / Reception Teacher (Ladybird Class)

Miss Louise Stebbens – Year One Class Teacher (Caterpillar Class)
Mrs Rebecca Champkins – Year Two Class Teacher (Dragonfly Class)
Mr Simon Smith – Year Three Class Teacher (Kingfisher Class)
Ms. Fiona Brophy – Year Four Class Teacher (Raven Class)
Ms. Ros Phipps – Year Five Class Teacher (Owl Class)
Mr. Chris Trim – Year Six Class Teacher (Eagle Class)
Mrs Katie Symmington – SENCO
Mrs Beth Allen – Phonics Counts Teacher

Mrs Tania Dowd – Reception Class TA
Miss Sarah Holmes – Reception Class TA / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Cathie Woodward – Year One Class TA / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Samantha Oliver - Year one Class TA/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Lisa Brown – Year Two Class TA / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Monica Povey – Year Two Class TA
Mrs Colette Dunckley - Year Three Class TA /Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Deirdre Whiteman - Year Four Class TA
Miss Sam Hollman – Year Five Class TA / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Tracey Hand – Year Six TA / Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Helen Walter – Year Six TA / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Sarah Bick - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Kelly Dormer - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms. Olivia Rex -  Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Helena Cole – Pupil Welfare
Mrs Clare Watkins – One to one support
Mrs Rebecca Delahoyde – One to one support
Mrs Tracey Lambert – One to one support


Support Staff
Mrs Nicola Knight - Finance Officer
Mrs Sarah Ottembrajt – Personnel and Administration Officer
Mr Mick Winkworth – Site Manager

“Working Together, Striving for Excellence”

Yr 6 leavers mass will be Friday 20th July at 9.30am followed by final presentations.. All parents and relatives are warmly invited to join the school in the hall.
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