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More Park

Catholic Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mr Niall Fox BA (Hons) PGCE – Headteacher
Teaching Staff
Mrs Deborah Seal – Acting Deputy head /Head of FS and KS1 / Reception Teacher (Ladybird Class)

Miss Louise Stebbens – Year One Class Teacher (Caterpillar Class)
Mrs Rebecca Champkins – Year Two Class Teacher (Dragonfly Class)
Mr Simon Smith – Year Three Class Teacher (Kingfisher Class)
Ms. Fiona Brophy – Year Four Class Teacher (Raven Class)
Ms. Ros Phipps – Year Five Class Teacher (Owl Class)
Mr. Chris Trim – Year Six Class Teacher (Eagle Class)
Mrs Katie Symmington – SENCO
Mrs Beth Allen – Phonics Counts Teacher

Mrs Tania Dowd – Reception Class TA
Miss Sarah Holmes – Reception Class TA / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Cathie Woodward – Year One Class TA / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Samantha Oliver - Year one Class TA/Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Lisa Brown – Year Two Class TA / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Monica Povey – Year Two Class TA
Mrs Colette Dunckley - Year Three Class TA /Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Deirdre Whiteman - Year Four Class TA
Miss Sam Hollman – Year Five Class TA / Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Tracey Hand – Year Six TA / Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Helen Walter – Year Six TA / Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Sarah Bick - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Kelly Dormer - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms. Olivia Rex -  Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Helena Cole – Pupil Welfare
Mrs Clare Watkins – One to one support
Mrs Rebecca Delahoyde – One to one support
Mrs Tracey Lambert – One to one support


Support Staff
Mrs Nicola Knight - Finance Officer
Mrs Sarah Ottembrajt – Personnel and Administration Officer
Mr Mick Winkworth – Site Manager

“Working Together, Striving for Excellence”

Ascension Mass takes place in St Thomas More Catholic Church on Thursday 10th May at 10am. All parents are welcome to join us on this occasion.
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