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Catholic Primary School

Year 6 (Eagle)

Sayers Croft 2019 - The Adventure Begins! 

Day 1

We all arrived safely after a straightforward journey.  We were then greeted by

Stephanie,our team leader. We then put our bags down on the veranda and she explained the wonders of Sayers Croft . We were shown our dormitory and had to make our own beds (!) and unpack our belongings . After that we had a fire drill - we were the quietest and quickest school at Sayers Croft . Next we had some free time to play some games, football and tag . After that we had our lunch - which was delicious!


After lunch, we were split in to 2 groups and started our activities which were rafting and orienteering .  In orienteering we we had to find our way round the site and mark it on a map . In rafting, we had to build our raft and test our navigational skills as we were challenged not to fall off. Then we had a night walk and learnt about bats. The most common bat in the UK is the pipistrelle bat.  We took a couple of bat detectors with us and were lucky enough to see some bats.   Their echo-locating sound made lip-smacking noise.  


Rafting 1
Rafting 2

Day Two - The Epic Trek to Pitch Hill!


Before we left for the challenging journey to Pitch Hill, we collected our lunch at the veranda. After we had collected our lunches we began walking to where we had had our fire drill the day before. We continued walking through the field until we reached a public footpath. We walked for a while until we reached a farmer’s field. We were told all about how he runs his farm. After walking through many fields, we finally reached the beginning of the steep walk.


After we got past the start of the steep hill we had a snack and a rest. (To be continued - it really was a lot more interesting than this!) 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Team Challenges

Team Challenges 1
Team Challenges 2
Team Challenges 3
Team Challenges 4

Pond Dipping


On Wednesday morning, we were introduced to an activity called pond dipping-we really enjoyed this adventure! Excited and intrigued, we headed down to the pond with our group leader, Stephanie, looking forward to the new activity. Once we had come down the steps and had arrived at the pond, we all spread out-ready to listen to our group leader. After listening carefully, we all began our first few steps into pond dipping.

We found loads of exciting and interesting creatures, these included some newts, stickleback fish, water snails and even a dragonfly nymph - one of the top predators!



Welcome to Year 6 - 2018-19


Welcome to Eagle Class
 “...but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
Isaiah 40:31


Welcome to Term 6!


After the hard work of Term 5, I hope everyone enjoyed a well-earned break!  Term 6 represents our final push!  There will be lots of fun and games - our week-long residential, our end-of-year production, our (no doubt very emotional!) Leaver's Mass - but there will of course be work to do as the Year 6 team ensure that the children are 'secondary ready', primed to begin the next stage of their school careers.


Our work in English will be based around the Frank Cotterell Boyce’s novel The Unforgotten Coat which deals with the experiences of two mysterious refugees who appear in a school in a Liverpool suburb in the last few weeks of Year 6.  This will be supported by The Journey, written by Francesca Sanna, written after she met refugees in Italy.  All of this will be underpinned by resources from both CAFOD and Amnesty International to help the children understand the context of these stories.


The children's work in mathematics this term will continue to allow them to demonstrate their arithmetic skills through a series of investigations, problem-solving and reasoning challenges across all areas of the mathematics curriculum.  


Our focus for RE in this final term is Called to Serve. In this topic the children will learn that they are called to serve God by loving one another. They will reflect on their own calling to follow Jesus and explore how they can use their gifts in the service of God and other people. The children will learn about the Sacrament of Confirmation and how the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given through it. They will explore how Marriage and Holy Orders are ways through which people can serve God.


As ever, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, especially with regards to supporting your children at home as we work towards the end of their primary school career and prepare them for new beginnings.  Thank you once again for your support and I look forward to a successful term.


Best Wishes


Chris Trim – Year 6 Class Teacher                                                      

The learning journey, don’t walk!

“Working Together, Striving for Excellence”

Leavers mass in the school hall, will take place on 19th July at 9.30am. We celebrate with year 6, Eagle class, as leave us to continue their journey to secondary school. We also wish our staff leavers well as they move to pasture new!
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