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Welcome to our school History page!

History Intent Statement


At More Park we believe it is important to delve into the past to inspire the future. Through their historical learning, children will learn the skills needed to critique and form personal opinions based on fact. Children are given the opportunity to revisit past learning and build on this understanding, whilst immersed in engaging experiences, which encourages the development of key vocabulary. By the time they leave school, children will understand periods of both British history and the broader world. By linking their historical learning with the religious ethos of the school, children find their place within the world’s history, learning lessons from those before us.



History is treated as a stand alone subject, encouraging the children to identify and enhance their development of historical skills. Our humanities curriculum is tailored to offer all year groups three terms of historical study and three terms of geographical study, encouraging focused development of historical skills. Children are celebrated for their unique skillset and are provided with appropriate learning challenges for the individual. Where possible, our History curriculum is designed to 'ripple outwards' from the children's own lives. This encourages children to make continuous comparisons between themselves and History. Knowledge organisers are tailored to each topic and put into the front of children's books and these knowledge organisers are continually referred to, providing a constant reference point and key vocabulary for the children in their learning. During lesson, children are given first hand opportunities to explore a variety of sources, including artefacts, replicas and reading material. As children progress into KS2, they are encouraged to question and critique sources and accounts, building transferable skills and an understanding of the complexity of the world and its roots.



By the end of their time at More Park, children have a strong foundation of historical skills and an informed appreciation of the world around them. Children have a fascination for learning more about the world's heritage and use their historical knowledge to inform their opinion of current world events. Children understand bias, propaganda and are equipped with the tools to question sources. This not only provides a secure foundation for their future history studies, but also transferable skills to use in the study of politics, literacy and music to name but a few. 


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