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Term Four



Dear Parents


Ravens class have been making some good leaps forward with their literacy since Christmas and we are going to be trying to keep that momentum going so we can see some more rapid progress this term!  We have been learning and developing lots of skills in regards to improving our writing and reading comprehension and now it is time to try and apply those consistently and independently.


We are now halfway through the academic year and as we head towards Easter it is an opportunity for the children to focus in on their individual targets.  Just before the half term break the children spent time assessing their own work and writing out targets which are now on the wall in the classroom.  By focussing in on what they recognise they need to improve on, they will hopefully be able to make rapid progress against their targets.


This term we are continuing with the text Podkin One Ear as we had not reached the end of the book from last term, the class are enjoying it, and want to see how it ends.  When we have finished the book, we will be reading a series of short stories.  If you have the opportunity to listen to your child read or read a chapter of their book to them, then that is fantastic.  I understand that this is not always possible, just please make sure that you sign the book to confirm where they have read to on all days, next to the page number.  We will be checking their understanding of their reading books throughout the term, especially the last chapter they have read and will have a ‘refresher reading club’ some breaktimes, for those children that are struggling to get their reading completed or recall what they have read.


Mrs Walter and Mrs Whiteman will be continuing to support Year 4 throughout the week and again on Wednesday afternoons I will be out of class, with Mrs Hand and Mrs Walter there to help and support the children.  We are continuing to learn ukulele with fortnightly lessons from a professional music teacher and are hoping to be able to showcase the classes skills again before the end of the year.


Our Topic subject this term is Geography and we will be looking at human and physical geography and focussing in on Polar biomes and the environment. 


In science we will be looking at electricity and as this is also part of our design topic, we will be combining our art with our science.


I would like to remind you all to not hesitate in contacting me if any concerns or queries arise throughout this next term.




Diary Dates:

  • 4th March, 9:30am. St.David’s Mass at the school.
  • 4th & 5th  March. Parents Evening.
  • 9th – 13th March.  Book Week & Science Week.
  • 17th March. 9.30am. St.Patrick’s Mass.
  • 20th March. Skybolt Rocket Visit
  • 4th April. End of Term,


Kindest regards




Paul Greenwood

“Working Together, Striving for Excellence”

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