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Hi we are the school council.  We have been chosen by the children in our class to represent them on the school council.  The school council is very important at More Park because we get to help make decisions on what happens in the school.  We meet regularly to talk about what's happening in our school, changes we would like to see and charities we would like to raise money for.



We have raised money for the Royal Bromton Hospital by having our Rainbow Day.  Each class came to school in their own clothes with each class representing a

different colour of the rainbow.   We raised £1,157.22!








School Council 2022-2023

What does it mean to be on the School Council?


Year 1
Sofia- “It makes me happy that I am a School Council member because it makes me feel grown up.”
Franklin- “It makes me feel important.”

Year 2
James- “For me to be a School Council member makes me feel good.”
Lily- “I feel very confident to be a part of School Council.”

Year 3
Lucas- “It means that I have a chance to speak to the school and make some decisions.”
Ruby- “It means that I can help people when they are poorly.”

Year 4
Woody- “It makes me feel special and means that I can help the school.”
Liliana- “I like being School Council because it makes me feel special, important and likeable. I like to have fun and we have lots of it if you’re School Council.”

Year 5
Ronnie- “It means that we can help the school with money, happiness and new equipment.”
Chloe- “I like being part of School Council because I would like to help the school and it also means to me to help people in need.”


Year 6
Freya- “School Council means to me that I can make others happy by using their ideas and it also makes me feel special.”

Joshua- “To me, being School Council means that you help the school do fun things and raise money. It also makes me feel grown up and happy that I am helping everyone.”


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