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RE Intent Statement


At More Park, our intent for Religious Education is to provide an inspiring curriculum to develop a deep understanding of the Catholic religion and other faiths. We have strong links to St Thomas More Church and our Parish Priest, who contributes to each child’s religious journey. Through thought provoking lessons, we equip our children with the skills to let them explore, question and discuss different values and beliefs. They have the opportunity to lead on all aspects of school worship, living out the Gospel Values and sharing this with the wider community.  When children leave More Park, they have a strong understanding of themselves, emotionally and morally, helping them to be able to adapt and cope with the ever-changing world.



Implementation Statement


Religious Education at More Park consists of 10 percent of the weekly timetable for each class. However, Religious Education is not a standalone topic. Teachers are able to integrate Religious Education into different lessons and parts of the school day. Religious Education also takes place through different assemblies each week where the children are able to explore Gospel Values, hymns, different key religious figures and bible stories. During the year pupils are able to explore different religions and take part in carousel days where they are able to work with different year groups.

The teachers teach Religious Education using the scheme, The Truth, The Way and The Life. We feel the scheme is a starting point as teachers are encouraged to adapt the scheme ensuring all pupil’s needs are met and lessons are always related to their lives. Teachers also ensure that when they teach Religious Education that they provide opportunities for the pupils to discuss, reflect and question what they have heard. Tasks in Religious Education will vary by class and by topic but can include writing tasks, construction, role-play, art, music and discussions. Teachers plan tasks which often involve the collaboration of pupils, promoting further discussions and learning.

Religious Education is also taught through our community links where we often welcome visitors and our Parish priest Father Peter Soper. He often visits the school and takes part in discussions with pupils, reconciliation services and school masses. Pupils often go to the parish church to attend Mass and to also learn more about the church.


Impact statement


Through taking part in religious Education we hope for children to greaten their understanding of Catholicism and are able to analysis, discuss, reflect and express their views and understanding. We assess the pupil’s development and progress through their work and record this using the programme Pupil Asset. After this, there is an in-depth analysis of the pupil’s development which is shared with staff at RE progress meetings. They are then aware of which group of learners can be pushed for greater understanding and depth and those who may need additional support. Parent’s are informed of their child’s progress in RE through parents evening and the end of year report.

The children are also able to show their learning through end of term Religious Education Celebrations that happen 3 times a year. This is a celebration that parents and family members are invited too. It is an opportunity for the children to present with their peers, their Religious Education learning which involve role-play, written pieces, songs, prays and reflections.

Children’s attainment is not the only outcome from More Park’s Religious Education. We want the children to develop their spirituality, morality and virtues which will enable them to move forward into their lives as respectable, kind, generous and loving members of the community.


Wednesday Word

As part of our RE curriculum, every Wednesday morning two year six pupils visit each class and deliver the Wednesday word. During the sessions, the pupils read a gospel story and discuss with the class the meaning of the gospel story. Pupils then discuss what can be taken from this to help further improve ours and others lives.  A Wednesday Word is also sent home to families so they can discuss the Wednesday Word with their children and make links to home life.


What do Year Six say about Delivering the Wednesday Word?

“I really like doing the Wednesday Word, because I can deepen children’s learning”

“I enjoy sharing the stories from the bible.”

“I love hearing other pupil’s views and thoughts.”

“I feel it is a good way to develop our confidence and it gives us a chance to interact with other year groups.”

Religious Education at More Park


We welcome our new pupils and parents for the September 2022 intake into school on 11th May at 2pm
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