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Term Five


Dear Parents


Welcome to Term Five.  It is great to be back and hopefully this time for a full term!  The children have all quickly settled this week and have got straight back into the rhythm of school life.


We have introduced our new topic on Seas, Oceans, Rivers and Pollution, and we have already been tying our learning into our reading skills by learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is an area of floating rubbish between Hawaii and California measuring over 6 times the size of the United Kingdom.


In Maths we are continuing our work from last term on decimals and fractions before then moving into percentages.  The children have worked very hard to get to a secure level in their times tables but it is important that they continue to practice every week on TT Rockstars in order to maintain their progress.


In Literacy we have started the term by looking at classic computer games such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders as part of our unit on Report Writing.  We will also be continuing to develop our creative writing skills by exploring how we can move on stories through speech and add detail though complex sentences and relative clauses.


The PE curriculum for this term will cover the unit of rounders on a Wednesday afternoon lead by myself and Gymnastics on a Friday afternoon which will be lead by our PE specialist coaches from PASS.


In Science we have started to look at our topic of Animals Including Humans.  As part of this unit, we will be looking at the animal and human lifecycle which inevitably also connects to the work we are currently undertaking in RSHE as the children learn about how their bodies will begin to change and develop.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if any concerns or queries arise throughout the year, if you need to speak to me face to face this can currently be arranged through the office. I do also appreciate however that with work and other commitments this might not be possible so have included my email below.


Kindest regards



Paul Greenwood



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